Myrtle Beach-Charleston-Ashville

We had never been to Charleston, and had never seen the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, so a big loop South was in order. We thought about using the Daimler, but the length of the trip and need for a little more room led to our deciding the SAAB was best. Myrtle Beach was an overnight, but still interesting. Charleston was as nice as the Chamber claims, and our hotel in the old section of downtown was a perfect launching pad for sightseeing, restaurants, and the other usual tourist activities.

DSC00172 DSC00176 DSC00187 DSC00208


Next was Ashville, NC and the fantastic Biltmore Estate. We were booked into a really nice B&B, and spent 2 days touring the estate. We had dinner one night in the Biltmore Hotel dining room…a little formal, a little expensive, and a whole lot worth it!

DSC00249 DSC00255

our pink B&B

DSC00287 DSC00295 DSC00296DSC00258 DSC00261

DSC00280 DSC00301

The final part of this trip was to be a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. Not to be…too early in the season and they were closed due to snow and ice.

What to do…come back later in the spring, of course.

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