The Orrstown Bank is a local banking company in the Chambersburg PA (and surrounding small communities) area. One of the bank’s community outreach events is a car show that benefits BOPiC, a Chambersburg non-profit. The show is open to almost anyone willing to pay the entrance fee; one of our BRRTA members is in management at the bank so BRRTA tries to support the event. I think there were 11 cars there from BRRTA, including one member who brought his Studebaker turbo-Hawk. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and I had a chance to recover from the frustration of the drive up. It was a 3-hour drive complicated by having to go thru Thurmont (closest town to Camp David) on their “Colorfest Celebration” day. Everyone it seemed either had a yard sale, or was going to a yard sale. There was no parking except in peoples’ yards -for a price- so the traffic CRAWLED!!! But back to the show…pleasant time with friends, a chance to talk up going to Watkins Glen next year, and to buy $5. of drawing tickets which won me a $50. gift card to Advance Auto and $11 card to a pizza shop in Shippensburg. Needless to say, we took a different route home and shaved 1/2 hour off the time. The Daimler ran better than it has in a couple of years. Why you ask?? I made the complicated upgrade called new, hotter plugs. It runs slightly rich, and the hotter plugs don’t seem as inclined to foul. Yeh, I should mess with the SU carbs, but other than slight richness they seem balanced and work fine. If it ain’t broke, etc.


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  1. amy says:

    Great shots Dad… So glad to hear about the new plugs working well. Looked like some great weather too. Love, amy

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