DLOC-NA Annual Meeting July 31-August 2, 2015

The North American Daimler & Lanchester owners club (DLOC-NA) gathers annually in an event called “Rally” It is a 3-day weekend affair, and usually held east of the Mississippi. This year Rally 2015 was held in the vicinity of Skippack, PA with  the host hotel located in Lansdale, PA. Recent years have seen Rally incorporate another British car club’s car show, and this time it was the Pennypacker Mills car show in Schwenksville, PA.

Our Daimlers at the car show

DSC03840 DSC03862 DSC03863 DSC03866 DSC03870 DSC03874 DSC03877 DSC03883

Some of the other car show cars

DSC03842 DSC03843 DSC03850 DSC03846

Most of us gathered in the Marriott Friday evening for drinks, dinner, and a lot of catch-up conversation. Then Saturday morning, we headed to Skippack for a fantastic day touring SIX garages, owned by Dave Markel, containing historic & classic cars and motorcycles. Dave has bought and restored/replaced more than half of the commercial buildings along the Skippack main street, and in the process created a lovely small village atmosphere geared to tourists. We had lunch in one of his restaurants and later dinner in another.

Club member cars parked in Skippack

DSC03775 DSC03772 DSC03771

Dave Markel’s collection contains American, British, Italian& German cars and motorcycles, many once owned/driven by famous people.

                     Some of the cars in the German garage.

some of the cars in the German garage.

DSC03828 DSC03826 DSC03824 DSC03823 DSC03819 DSC03816 DSC03813


                The American garage

DSC03812 DSC03809 DSC03808 DSC03806 DSC03805 DSC03802 DSC03793

Important race/rally cars and motorcycles

DSC03830 DSC03736 DSC03735 DSC03738 DSC03739 DSC03747 DSC03749 DSC03755 DSC03776

The British garage

DSC03757 DSC03758 DSC03753 DSC03750


DSC03778 DSC03779 DSC03780 DSC03781 DSC03784 DSC03783 DSC03789

The host club for the Pennypacker show is the Delaware Valley Classic MG Club; Steph & I were members for a number of years and very much enjoyed being involved with  them. I suspect they breathed a sigh of relief when we didn’t renew our membership, since we were the only people on the club drives who did not own an MG.

Our final event of a Rally weekend is our awards dinner and annual meeting. Dinner was at the Trolley Stop Hotel in Skippack and the meeting back at the hotel.

DSC03893 DSC03897 DSC03900 DSC03901





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