Dillsburg PA Farmers Fall Fair

Left Baltimore about 8am on Sat. 10/20 for Dillsburg PA and their Farmers Fair. As a part of the event the town puts on to show appreciation for the agricultural heritage and economic impact, the show includes a car/truck/tractor display on the main streets. There are a ton of food vendors, all with profits dedicated to a local non-profit¬†organization. Our weather was in the low 60’s with sun & clouds, very pleasant. In fact, pleasant enough we did the 1:45 drive home top down. But back to the show…there were trucks

Really neat old Ford truck.

Restored Chevy panel truck

Really neat pre-WW2 Mack truck with local artisan pickle company signage.

Who knew Packard made thousands of trucks for various governments for use in WW1? This is a perfect example.

























and there were hot rods, many from the 1930’s…

Streetrod truck being chased by a Cobra replica.

Chevy streetrod.

1929 Plymouth streetrod. Strange.

and a lot of nicely restored American sedans…

The big and the little of the 57 Chevy scene.

Yellow Buick













And best of all, a great collection of British cars, most of them owned by BRRTA members…

Stan Carpenter’s ’72 V-12 OTS E-type.

Steve-Doug-Frank’s cars.







It was nice to hear the comments from people who knew of the car but had never seen one.







and Triumphs

and a Morgan

and MG’s






Presidential model used by the PA Governor to open new “black topped” roads; biggest Studebaker I have ever seen.











plus some very unusual cars with special histories.



and of course, the tractors, 2 blocks of them, most in fantastic -read not used to plow- condition.

Blocks of tractors…red, green, orange, silver, blue.

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