Westward Ho finally a GO

Originally scheduled for the Sandy weekend, our club drive went from Westward Ho to Westward NO. November 4th dawned (an hour earlier, thank you) with partly cloudy skies and temps in the low 40’s. The drive started from Caledonia State Park (PA) ,

lined up ready to start

a 2-hr. drive for us. Put the top down, and joined the other 12 cars for a scenic run thru the South Mountain countryside. We arrived at our lunch stop (Kings Gap State Park) about noon and enjoyed the conversations, shared deserts and spectacular scenery.    

Cars on the run were a Mini, a Bini, Morgan, 2 big Healys, a Super 7 replica, our Daimler,Jag and 5 MG’s. On the afternoon run we stopped at Pine Grove Furnace State Park General Store (see a pattern here?) for ice cream.

bundled up and ready to go

Unfortunately, Sandy had caused a 3 day power outage and all the ice cream melted. Store was closed. Oh Well. Left there and 2:15 later pulled up at home. Windblown but comfortable. And before dark, which is important when your 50 year old car doesn’t have the brightest lights on the back.  This may not be the last drive of the year though, since there are tentative plans to attend the “Turkey Bowl at Summit Point Raceway Thanksgiving weekend. Weather will probably be the deciding factor.

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